White Wash Sand Dunes

Trailhead Location: About 15 Miles South of Green River

Trailhead GPS: 38°48’20.31″N 110° 2’52.60″W
Trail Mileage: Miles of open riding areas
Riding Difficulty: Ranges from easy to difficult
Temperature Range: 30-100+ Depending on Season

The White Wash Sand Dunes (also known as the Dubinki Dunes or Ten Mile Wash Dunes) are some of the most scenic and enjoyable dunes in the state. To get there, take I-70 to exit 175. Exit 175 is about seven miles west of U.S. Highway 191. From the exit, go south and the road (Ruby Ranch Road) eventually turns to dirt. Continue about 12 miles (be sure to stay to the right about 4.5 miles from the exit, and continue straight at 7.8 miles from Interstate 70). Eventually you’ll hit a ridge that looks down into the basin where the dunes are located. There is plenty of parking and decent places for camping. There are no restrooms and portable toilets are required. ATV flags are also required when riding the dunes. Always be careful when riding dunes and always know what’s on the other side of the dune before going. As is the case with all sand dunes, it’s good to have a GPS unit to guide you back to the truck if needed.

(click here for Google Map directions to White wash dunes from I-70)

The White Wash Sand Dunes are some of the best in the state for exploring and finding new areas. Many people describe this area as lake powell without the water, as the sand and trails take riders up deep slickrock canyons. The dunes flow in and out of the slickrock which make for some fun rock/sand riding. There are a few “dune pipes” where riders can go back and fourth from one side of the half pipe to the other. There are also some difficult and steep slickrock climbs that will challenge advanced riders.

These Dunes are a great place to take the family out riding and has terrain for every skill set.

Remember to Tread Lightly.

Additional Trail Information

  • Elevation High: 4500
  • Elevation Low: 4100
  • Terrain: Sand and Slickrock
  • Vegetation: Not much out here
  • Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall
  • Map Availability: Moab Visitors Center or Green River
  • Breakfast Joint: Green River or Moab
  • Base Camp: Several campsites near the trail head

White Wash Sand Dunes 2White Wash Sand Dunes 3

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