The Green River


The Wild West folklore, legend and history is a rich part of Green River’s past. If outlaws and gunslingers interest you, Green River is a good place to start tracing back the fascinating lore of the region.

Green River is the location of the official John Wesley Powell Museum, chronically the famous explorer’s historical trek down the river. Many artifacts and relics can be viewed in the museum. This collection honors the rich history of the area, and offers the visitor an indepth look into how this land looked during the early days of the west.

An easy drive nearby includes the famous Robber’s Roost, where famous outlaws including Butch Cassidy once hid from the law after a heist. The city also has a few historical buildings that invoke insight of days long gone.


The unique strata of the San Rafael Swell is the focus of geological study by scientists from around the world. This amazing rift in the earth, created by one-of-a-kind plate tectonics, will simply amaze you.

Additional landscape marvels are a constant study by universities from around the world. You can just see the history of the region written in the very rock itself as the exposed layers of earth tell a tale that dates back millions of years. One of the many highlights of the area is the cold water geyser known as Crystal Geyser, where the copper colored mineral deposits are an attraction for both the geologist and the photographer hoping to catch the water spout in eruption.

The fossil remains of dinosaurs literally litters the landscape, offering clues to the rich history of plants and animals that walked this region millions of years ago. Recently, a new breed of dinosaur has been the uncovered here, leading to exciting discoveries into the evolution of these mysterious creatures.

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