San Rafael Swell

The San Rafael Swell is Utah’s fastest growing tourist destination. Most of this huge area is open to the public and adventures are left only to the visitor’s imagination. The Swell is 2,000 square miles of public land, known for its scenic sandstone formations, deep canyons, desert streams, and expansive panoramas. The Swell is a massive maze of winding canyons, broken fins and buttes in the heart of Utah.

The East Gate or Spotted Wolf Canyon of the San Rafael Swell is located about 17 miles from Green River on I-70.

Choose to travel the San Rafael Swell on a bike, by hiking, on horseback, by car, in a 4-wheel drive or on an ATV.

The San Rafael Reef contains many of the world’s most striking landforms. In Castle Country, 1-70 crosses the spectacular San Rafael Swell giving the freeway traveler views of this wild backcountry. Slicing through the desert, Interstate 70 travels through Utah from the Colorado border to the merge with Interstate 15. Many view areas and rest areas provide excellent photo opportunities.

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