Robbers Roost Motel

The Robbers Roost is positioned between the Colorado, Green, and Dirty Devil Rivers in Utah lies a wild stretch of land that became known as Robbers’ Roost. The area afforded hundreds of hiding spots and was difficult to penetrate, as the only easy access is via the mouth of the Dirty Devil River.

It is believed that the first person to use the area as a hideout was the outlaw Mike Cassidy. He introduced it to his protege, Butch Cassidy. Later the area became a hideout for Cassidy’s gang, the Wild Bunch during the 1890s. One member of the gang claimed that as many as 200 outlaws lived in Robbers’ Roost. The hiding-place was abandoned in 1902 after Cassidy and the Sundance Kid left for South America.

The city of Green River was once a Railroad Town. The outlaws would rustle cattle and sell them, using the trains that ran through Green River. With the Book Cliff Mountains on the north, and the Green River running through the east end, many outlaws found the town of Green River an advantage on their way to and from their Robbers Roost Hideout in the 1880’s.

Today, many old buildings and memories are left to remind us of the old Robbers Roost Days and the many outlaws that helped to make it famous.

Robbers Roost Motel

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325 W Main Street
Green River, UT 84525
Lat/Long (WGS84)
38° 59.703′ N
110° 10.005′ W
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