This rock formation is called Nefertiti do to the resemblance to the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Many one-day rafters put in at Nefertiti Rapids, travel down the Green River and then take out at Swasey’s Beach.

For a fun day in the sun, take a trip down the Green River!

River FactsOne-day Trips | green river guides |

The Green River Daily is a one-day or half-day trip. The nine mile trip is lively, but not intense. The scenery and overall experience of being on the water is more of a focus than the actual whitewater.

This river section is located just above the town of Green River, in eastern Utah.

This is an excellent trip for travelers who have an open day in the region, or who just appreciate being outdoors and on the river. The Daily is a popular family trip due to the relatively calm nature of the river. Snacks are provided on half-day trips; lunch is often provided on full-day trips.

Green River Daily MapMulti-day Trips

The Daily is not suited to multi-day trips.

Family Trips | green river guides |

This is a perfect family trip! Children as young as 5 are invited to participate. Some guides will permit younger kids. The short duration of the trip is good for families uncertain about how their children will react to spending a long amount of time on a raft.

Groups/Corporate Trips

This is probably not the best section of river for groups or corporations, though it is possible.

Lat/Long (WGS84)
31° 11.621′ N
110° 4.847′ W

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