Little Wild Horse Canyon

Little Wild Horse Canyon is 58 miles from Green River. The Little Wild Horse Canyon/Bell Canyon loop hike is the most popular hike in the San Rafael Swell for good reason. The canyons are two of the best slot canyons in Utah. This hike is suitable for just about everyone. If you enjoy a long walk in the park than you can probably complete this hike with little problem. The canyons can be hiked individually for a short distance or connected together to provide an easy half day loop hike.

Little Wild Horse Canyon 2The Little Wild Horse Canyon/Bell Canyon loop hike is 8 miles round trip and will take about 4 hours to complete. Little Wild Horse Canyon (LWH) is the better of the two canyons, so if you can only do part of the hike do Little Wild Horse. This is a desert environment so carry plenty of drinking water. There is nothing extremely difficult on this hike; there is some navigation required since there is no developed or signed trail. All obstacles can be easily bypassed if you spend a moment and look for a way around them.

Improved campgrounds with modern toilets and hot showers are located nearby in Goblin Valley State Park. The canyons can be hiked year round except when thunderstorms are possible. Spring and Fall are the preferred hiking seasons. Hiking during the summer can be very hot and hiking during the winter can be very interesting. These canyons have a serious flash flood potential and extreme caution should be used. Occasionally there is water in some of the narrows so wear shoes that you can wade in. I hiked this canyon immediately following a major rainstorm and never encountered water over knee deep.

A GPS is useful in identifying the correct trailhead and checking that you are on course. Navigation for this route is easy. Good map reading skills and the USGS 7.5′ Map titled “Little Wild Horse Mesa” are essential. All waypoints and maps for this route use the WGS84 datum. This route is rated 1A II using the Canyon Rating System.

Click for Google Map Directions from Green River

Lat/Long (WGS84)
38° 35.303′ N
110° 48.349′ W

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