Sego Canyon – 3 hours

From Green River, head east on Interstate 70. After 22.4 miles on the interstate, take exit 187. Head north through the town of Thompson Springs. Ancient rock art is located on both sides of the canyon about 3.5 miles north of town. After viewing the historic rock art, head north on Sego Canyon Road. After half a mile, take the right fork into Sego Canyon, which quickly leads to the old cemetery. Make sure to stop here and find the intriguing grave markers in the southwest corner. The ghost town of Sego is one mile further into the canyon. The company store still partially stands in the center of town. House ruins are scattered throughout the canyon along with coal mine remnants. The best way to explore the relics is by foot. Hike around, but beware of mineshafts and other hazards. Navigation for this route is easy and all sites can be accessed in good weather conditions. The Sego ruins and rock art sit on private land, so please be respectful.

Map: 39° 1’4.98″N, 109°42’37.83″W

For more information contact:
John Wesley Powell River History Museum 435-564-3427
Green River Chamber of Commerce 435-564-3490