Fossil Point – 2 hours

This adventure takes you to the site of dinosaur bones that date as far back as the Jurassic Era, 145 million years ago. The road to Fossil Point is accessible by most cars except after storms when the road turns to mud. Begin your journey in Green River driving south on Broadway. At the fork, veer left onto Green River Avenue. Drive for half a mile, and turn right onto Airport Road. At mile 2.9, turn left onto the dirt road. Ten miles into the trip, you’ll find yourself in the colorful badlands of the Jurassic Era. As you pass Horse Bench Reservoir and over an earthen dam, turn left at 11.4 miles onto a double-track road. Fossil Point is located at 12.6 miles, and you can park on the large flat area just north of the road. Hike through the boulders and begin looking for fossils! To get you started, large vertebrae are embedded in rocks at ground level near the parking area. Hike to the top of the point for a spectacular view of both the La Sal Mountains to the southeast and Henry Mountains to the southwest. Once you’ve gotten your fill of dino bones and fossils, return to Green River the way you came.

Map: 38°50’27.57″N, 110°12’0.52″W

For more information contact:
John Wesley Powell River History Museum 435-564-3427
Green River Chamber of Commerce 435-564-3490