Crystal Geyser – 1 hour

A rare cold water geyser, the Crystal Geyser gets its power from carbon dioxide. The geyser erupts sporadically (every 12-16 hours) and can last for over an hour. It’s said that the geyser can shoot up to 60 feet high, but typically is seen to erupt around 30 feet high. To get to the Crystal Geyser, begin at the intersection of Main Street and Hastings Road driving east. Cross over Interstate 70 (do not get on the interstate) and turn left onto the frontage road. At mile 3.7, turn right onto the graded dirt road. Over the next several miles, you will pass through varied landscapes. Pass under the power lines and veer right at mile 7.2 to head west towards the Green River. After another half a mile, you’ve arrived at the Crystal Geyser. The mineralized water will not hurt you, but it is not potable. Even if you miss an eruption, the amazing mineral-formed travertine terraces are incredible to explore and view along the riverbank. Visiting this odd landscape, where the surface is wrinkled and pools of water linger, is reward enough for the short trip to the Crystal Geyser. Once you’re done exploring, return to Green River the way you came.

Map: 38°56’17.99″N, 110° 8’7.56″W

For more information contact:
John Wesley Powell River History Museum 435-564-3427
Green River Chamber of Commerce 435-564-3490