Arches National Park

Arches National Park is 48 miles from Green River.

A red rock wonderland containing some of the most scenic and inspiring landscapes on Earth, Arches National Park contains the world’s largest concentration of natural sandstone arches. Although over 2,000 arches are located within the park’s 76,518 acres, the park also contains an astounding variety of other geological formations. Colossal sandstone fins, massive balanced rocks, soaring pinnacles and spires dwarf visitors as they explore the park’s viewpoints and hiking trails. Geologic faulting has exposed millions of years of geologic history within the park.

Click for Google Map Directions from Green River

Lat/Long (WGS84)
38° 36.982′ N
109° 36.871′ W

Time Required

Exploration of Arches National Park is as varied as the formations within the park. Visitors just passing through the area can get a great introduction to the park in just a few hours. Those wanting to experience some of the park’s hiking trails can easily spend a full day or more. Multi-day visitors can explore the huge assortment of varied terrain within the park. Popular activities include auto touring, hiking, photography, and biking. Whether you have a few hours, or a few days, Arches has something to offer everyone.

Getting Around

A paved scenic drive takes visitors to all of the major viewpoints within the park.

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